About Us

Hey my loves ! My name Is Crystal Lee, I was born in New York, half raised in Miami. My parents are Dominican and Puerto Rican. I've been in the people business for almost twenty plus years now. I'm a goal getter and my passion is helping others conquer their fears and go for their goals. Network With Crystal Lee started by helping mentoring upcoming business owners, with sales, business etiquette, coordinating and promoting workshop events, connections with personal referrals, and more and more networking ! I continued mentoring  by extending my coaching/goal setting sessions for anyone that was ready to heal and grow.  NWCL dropped two seasons of apparel, Not1ofDem will be the apparel line of Season 3. This line was inspired by the Not1ofDem Podcast, and yes your girl Crystal Lee is the host. "Not1ofDem" in general, simply yet strongly represents the better version of YOU. I am super grateful to continue to be a part of my community, sharing my light and voice. I hope to see you rock the new merch, subscribe to the Not1ofDem Podcast, and book a goal setting session with me. You can do all of that on this site. Thank you my loves for the genuine love and support.