About Us

Hey there ! My name Is Crystal Lee, I was born in New York, half raised in Miami. My parents are Dominican and Puerto Rican. I've been in the business field for almost fifteen years now. I'm a goal getter and my passion is helping others in any way i can. Especially being able to help others conquer their fears and go for their goals. Network With CrystalLee started by helping others promote their business via social media. Along with, mentoring upcoming business owners, providing business and sales advise, teaching business etiquacy, coordinating, promoting workshop events, connections with personal referrals, promoting  business's and more before they launched. Towards the end of 2018, NWCL collabed with close friends and owners of @thecrystalbruja for workshop events, @v.vargasphotography as a marketing partner & creative director. To add, promoted and marketed massage therapist @holistichealing_carrie, full specialist @imichellebeauti, @goddeals_ clothing line. Now, NWCL  wants to express motivational quotes for business minded people through apparel.So here you have it, we've partnered up with @customswithems to design our t-shirts. To start, we created shirts with quotes entrepreneurs, business owners and hard working people in general can relate to. NWCL Apparel's goal is to speak in behalf of all business minded people worldwide on something you can wear!  Your love and support has been so real. Thank you all so much in advance for getting your NWCL apparel. For 2020 NWCL will be hosting Goal Setting workshops. Also, we are adding personal Goal Setting sessions to our services with an exclusive VIP packages of Coaching 101 and more, go check it out. I can't wait to connect with you all!